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Taking care of your health

Integrative Treatments

Combining the best of conventional and complimentary therapies to help you see the best results.  Least invasive and most therapeutic options are always our first choice.

A Team Approach

Our practitioners take a joint role in your care by collaborating on recommendations, and by maintaining open communication during treatment.


Each care plan is customized to the client's preferences, amount of time available for treatment, previous experiences and personal beliefs.

Taking care of the Whole You 

Physical Care
  • Decrease Inflammation

  • Decrease toxicity

  • Increase muscular strength

  • Increase physical endurance

  • Improve circulation

  • Improve digestion

  • Enhance immunity

  • Balance hormones

  • Normalize body weight

Psychological Care
  • Feel calm

  • Achieve balance

  • Think positively

  • Have mental clarity

  • Learn to focus

  • Process painful events

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Improve emotional-regulation

  • Enhance relationships

  • Role model resilience

  • Establish healthy habits

  • Psycotherapy

Spiritual Care
  • Feel Connected to Truth

  • Find Meaning & Purpose

  • Uncover Your Special Mission

  • Accept Struggle

  • Shine Forth Light to Others

  • Embrace Personal Growth

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